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Love this product and I highly recommend it!!
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Our girl has some arthritis, and this product is making a difference in her overall mobility and attitude. Love this product and I highly recommend it!!

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After trying this for about 10 days already, my husband and I are extremely happy with the results we are seeing. We even took our boy off 2 expensive medications for pain, one of which was $80 a month.

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I'm not sure that I've ever been this excited about a product's performance! This product is working so well on her stiffness and inability to get around. She's returned to herself again!

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Recommended by my Vet…
I have 3 rescues who I love like my own kids. I am always looking for ways to keep extend their lives and keep them healthy and am really happy that my vet recommended this supplement. Have already ordered for the third time.

Alexis A.

Love the ingredients…is there a human version?
I always check the label closely whenever buying my pets anything and I am sometimes shocked by the crap that I find. I was shocked in a GOOD way when I read this label. No fillers at all. I will be ordering this as long as my senior dog is alive. Thank you

Sam T.

Great Product!
I found this product because I’ve been a fan of Infinite’s Joint Formula for my 2 labs. I love how easy it is to mix with their food and I’ve noticed a big improvement in their coats and their breath. Keep up the good work Infinite.

Meredith L.

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