Omega Skin & Coat
Omega Skin & Coat
Omega Skin & Coat

Omega Skin & Coat

Salmon Soft Chews

Soft and shiny fur is made for petting!

Protect your pup’s skin and keep them soft n’ fluffy with this powerful blend, including biotin, vitamin E, and omega 3 fatty acids.

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No added sugars or salt
No grains
No soy
No corn
No artificial colors or preservatives
No chemicals

Recommended Serving Guide

Active Ingredients

Docosahexaenoic Acid
A long-chain omega-3 fatty acid that may help reduce inflammatory molecules in the skin.
Eicosapentaenoic Acid
A long-chain omega-3 fatty acid that can help reduce markers of inflammation and improve skin health.
Omega 6
Polyunsaturated fatty acids that can help maintain overall skin health. One study showed reduced skin itching in dogs who were fed extra omega 3 & omega 6 fatty acids.
Omega 9
Monounsaturated fatty acids can help support healthy skin cells and blood sugar levels.
A water-soluble B vitamin that supports healthy hair, skin and nails.
Zinc Gluconate
A mineral important for skin repair that can help protect skin cells from inflammation. Zinc helped relieve skin irritation in dogs, according to one study.
Ascorbic Acid
(Vitamin C)
Dogs produce their own Vitamin C. However, supplementing with this water-soluble vitamin can support healthy immune activity and collagen production.
D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate
(Vitamin E)
A fat-soluble nutrient that acts as an antioxidant to help protect skin cells and reduce markers of inflammation. One study found that vitamin E improved dermatitis symptoms in dogs.
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