Where to buy dog joint powder?

For dog owners, nothing can be quite as painful as watching your pet writhe in agonizing pain unable to move a paw. Watching them moan as the slightest movement causes a burst of pain through their spinal column. Due to this, they become more agitated and quite aggressive; not that it’s their fault.

Now, let’s backtrack here. Is there a way to prevent this? After all, prevention is, in fact, better than finding a cure.

Caring for our pets is one thing we dog owners should not take lightly. Anything regarding their welfare should be our top priority. Because statistics show that 1 in 5 dogs in the US has a joint problem or struggles with arthritis, owners should guard against this. One such preventive measure is the use of dog joint powder in USA. Veterinarians recommend the use of dog joint supplements as early as when the dog is a year old.

What are dog joint powders?

Where to buy dog joint powder

Dog joint powders are standardized supplements consisting of nutrients extracts such as vitamins, enzymes, herbs and minerals in the form of Glucosamine, Collagen, and Chondroitin. When fed regularly to a dog, these joint powders help provide the necessary nutrients for repair and prevention of arthritis.

The joint powders are just one of the ways a dog ingests arthritis/hip & bone supplements. The others are:

  • Capsules

Production of capsule dog joint supplements is through the use of animal or vegetable gelatin. Vegetable gelatin comes from a synthetic biopolymer in brown seaweed while animal gelatin comes from bone, fats, bone marrow and tissue of animals. Never purchase supplements made of animal gelatin as the state of health of the animals they come from is unknown.

  • Tablets

Tablets are also no better than capsules. The ingredients mentioned below can cause problems like depression and allergic reactions in dogs.

  • They have coatings from insects and plants
  • Undergo high-temperature processing which damages the nutrients
  • Presence of synthetic flavorings, sweeteners, and dyes
  • Have harmful chemical antioxidants such as dicalcium phosphate, ethoxyquin, and propylene glycol.

Merits of dog joint powders

  • The National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) attests that most dog joint powder in USA are safer for ingestion than capsules or tablets.
  • Plain powder means the supplement does not have to undergo, processes of preservation, encapsulation, tableting and odor control to extend their shelf life.
  • Unlike tablets and capsules, dog joint powders can easily be mixed in with the diet of your pet. Mixing inside the food or with their water makes it easily digestible.

Where to buy dog joint powder?

Where to buy dog joint powder

Dog joint powders are not hard to come by if you know where to look. It takes no particular skill to locate a vendor of one. You can easily buy online dog joint powder by browsing the internet for sites that offer them or walk to the retailer near you. The following are places to go to:

  • The Internet

We live in a society where technology is at the helm of everything we do. Nowadays, if you have access to a computer, a smartphone or internet enabled device, all you have to do is input a term like “dog joint powder online,” into any search engine. There are multiple results bound to turn up.

However, the internet is still a tricky place to navigate. There are a lot of products on the internet claiming to offer the best dog joint supplements or powders. There are also individuals providing reviews of these different supplements.

You have to be careful when trying to sort out the fake from the real information. Not all information on the internet can be trusted hence the reason for online shopping sites.

  • Online shopping sites

Sourcing of information you need from the internet is easy but knowing which is real and which is fake requires a lot of in-depth research. Confusion of information is where online shopping sites come in. Online shopping sites offer:

  • The opportunity for sellers to display their products on a platform and market it to sellers
  • The opportunity for buyers to view different products, meet sellers and review the products.

The most popular online shopping site to buy online dog joint powder is Amazon.

  • Pet stores

There are both virtual and physical pet stores where pet lovers and owners can purchase dog joint powder. These stores either belong to manufacturers of these joint products or are merely retail stores where the sale of different types of pet supplements and products occur.

  • Local Veterinarians

Now, it is important to note that veterinarians are not responsible for the sale of dog joint powders. However, their line of work requires them to observe pets and give a diagnosis of ailments they discover. In the case of a dog with joint problems or where a pet owner feels the need to guard against future joint problems, the veterinarian recommends certain drugs and supplements that are useful.

In some cases, a veterinarian can have a pharmacy attached to their local practice. Purchase of the joint powder can be made there, or another situation is to have the vet prescribe to buy the dog joint powder online or at a store.



When it comes to our pets, it is better to always err on the side of caution. There is no such thing as being too safe, and that is why it is best to feed our dog's joint powders as early as when they are a year old. Doing this prevents future joint problems on their part and we the owners having to watch them in pain.

There are a lot of dog joint powders online, but not all of them are safe to ingest or provide the needed benefits to boost the health of your dogs’ bone. Our products are not only safe but also offered the nutritional interests to keep the joint of your dog healthy.  You can purchase our products from Amazon and Our store