Benefits of Joint Supplements for Dogs

Unleashing the Benefits of Joint Supplements for Dogs: Why your Pet Deserves Better Care and Respite

What is more likely to disturb you – the sight of your beloved dog suffering from pain or seeing a loved one fall sick?

Some of you might think this is a silly question. A simple, logical and moral answer would be caring for human beings first.

Joint Supplements for Dogs

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However, the real-world scenario may be surprisingly different, as many studies suggest. Personally, I am super happy about the fact that we have (at last) begun to show some love and care for animals, at least our pets.

With that in mind, let’s talk about something very interesting and important as well – the benefits of joint supplements for dogs.

Pet Owners have become serious about their Dog’s Joint Health These Days

Just like human beings, dogs develop joint-related health issues, such as joint pain and joint injury, at some stage of their lives. It is believed that joint abnormality can occur at any stage of your doggy’s life; be it its young and growing age or when it is old and stiff or even if your pet happens to be a couch-potato.

That said, joint injuries or joint pains are often witnessed in old and bulky dogs, especially at an age when their bones can barely carry their weights. 

It is needless to explain how much the health of your pet’s joint cartilage impacts its mobility and overall health and well-being. And that paves way for these million-dollar arguments: Should you opt for dog arthritis treatment? Are joint supplements for dogs really worth trying? If yes, which ones should you choose?

Decoding the controversy about dog joint supplements

For many years now, the effectiveness of pet joint supplements has been questioned.

Veterinarians have always recommended using them, as these supplements help in rebuilding cartilages in the joints. Many pet owners have expressed satisfaction with the way their canines have functioned after using the supplements. Many dogs were found to be up and running within weeks, showing no signs of joint injuries. 

Joints supplements are extremely safe and barely have any side effects.

Different Types of Dog Joint Supplements are Available Today

There are many online pet stores selling all kinds of hip and joint supplements for dogs. Hence, it is important to know what supplements and nutrients help your dogs the best.

Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Hyaluronic Acid are three of the most popular and proven supplements added to dog foods. According to Dr. Matt Brunke, CVC educator at Fetch dvm360 conference, when chondroitin is taken with Glucosamine, it produces a synergistic effect which may lessen inflammation in dogs.

Joint Supplements for Dogs

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Joint supplements are also available in their organic form. Infinite’s Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs is a good example. Some herbs like licorice root, boswellia, bromelain and cayenne can be a perfect addition to your pet’s everyday supplements. Herbs like these have proven their potency of being the perfect anti-inflammatory for dogs.

So what’s the hype all about

Right then, why do skeptics still doubt the effectiveness of joint supplements? The long-held belief that ‘dog joint supplements are great’ is actually challenged very often these days. Some even complain that pet owners are deceived by a placebo effect and not real improvement in the actual joint health.

The answer is simple.

One must leave the skeptics to do what they do best. While there are enough evidence to show the positive effects of joint supplements, there are none to prove that they don’t work. That’s exactly why veterinarians trust joint supplements for treating pets with joint injuries, hip dysplasia and arthritis.

Preventive Measures you must take as a Caring Pet Owner

  • Very much like human beings, the calcium content in joint supplements helps in strengthening the dog’s bones and keeping them strong, especially during their old age.
  • It may be very hard to turn back the wheels after you detect the symptoms of arthritic problem in your dog. So start using joint supplements early to save your pet from the onset of the heath condition.
  • It is important to note that winter seasons can be traumatic for dogs with joint health problems. The bitter cold can aggravate their condition, especially during old age. If you can afford one, gift your dog with a hot bed with osteo-therapy facility. And don’t forget to offer your dog with joint supplements to battle the pain caused due to the bitter cold.
  • As is the case with young kids, it is essential to keep your dog active and give it some physical training. Take your dog for a walk every day or simply instruct it to run around your house or the lane. Because, physical exercise goes a long way in helping your dog stay fit, maintaining an optimal body weight and preventing joint stiffness.
  • Although physical exercise is great, excessive exercise must be avoided when the dog is suffering with joint pain. This might cause aggravation.
  • Ensure that the dog foods you buy are very high in quality and nutrients.


Do not wait for the symptoms: Start now to prevent or delay

One of the best benefits of joint supplements for dogs is their ‘zero side effect’ property. So, if you have been wondering how to detect the symptoms of joint pain in your dog, stop thinking and start adding joint supplements today.

Because the best way to battle any health condition is to prevent it before they occur. Joint health in dogs is no different in this regard.    


Despite all the preventive measures you take, your pets may still develop joint issues in the future. There is nothing much you can do about it. Pets that are genetically predisposed to joint-related health problems are more likely to fall into this category.

But nevertheless, your efforts will not go in vain. Taking preventive steps when your dog is young and healthy yields long-term benefits. Your dog will recover quickly from any health condition and stay active longer. As you know, active pets are happier pets.

So, going back to the question that started this article, is the health of your dog more concerning than the health of your loved one?

My answer would be ‘yes’. Because we, human beings, can take care of ourselves. We ask for help and we get help. We share our pain and suffering with each other. But our pets can’t do that. These speechless souls deserve to be loved and taken care of. What you get in return is invaluable and unselfish love and faith.