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Infinite Probiotic For Dogs (1 Bottle Bonus)

$34.47 $24.99
You save: $9.48 (27.5%)

Infinite Probiotic For Dogs (1 Bottle Bonus)

$24.99 $34.47
You save: $9.48 (27.5%)

This Natural, Clinically-Proven, Dr. Formulated Blend Improves Your Pet’s Digestion & Immune System

At Last: An Effective Probiotic Supplement For Dogs With Zero Additives ! Open the door and let your dog into a life of greater health and happiness

Ingredients: Finally All Together In One Supplement!

It’s never been done! Just because it’s made for pets doesn’t mean we should use “pet quality” ingredients. We sourced Premium-Quality Probiotic Strains Specifically Selected For A Dog’s Needs But With No Compromise On Value.

  • 8 Vet- Recommended & Researched Live Probiotic Strains , 2 Billion CFU
  • A Prebiotic To Improve Results
  • The Essential Amino Acid L-Glutamine To Repair Your Dog’s Gut
  • A Flavor That Dogs Love
  • ZERO additives, allergens, or artificial ingredients of any sort.


So many loving dog owners have been asking for this. If you can see this page, we have a fresh batch! BUT, we sell out quick. Don’t miss out. Scroll up quick and click “Add To Cart.”


Featuring An All Star Cast Of The 8 Safest & Most Effective Probiotic Strains For Your Dog


  • L-Acidophilus - This is the most popular probiotic strain for good reason. It was discovered by Nobel Prize Winner Liya Metchinoff and has been shown to have a wide range of benefits. It will help your dog absorb nutrients better, reduce allergies, and relieve symptoms of poor digestion such as diarrhea. It even works to naturally eliminate inflammation in your dog’s body leading to a healthier, more active life.


  • L-Brevis– Puppies receive L-Brevis naturally through their mother’s milk. It has been shown to increases production of interferon, a protein which is produced in response to viruses, bad bacteria, tumors and parasites. The overall effect is a boost to the entire immune system. So that mean’s less time and money spent at the vet’s office.


  • L-Bulgaricus– The longevity of the Bulgarian people has long been attributed to their consumption of a type of yogurt that contains high levels of this probiotic strain. The reason for that? bulgaricus works to keep the pH balance in the gastrointestinal tract lower so that unhealthy bacteria cannot take hold and colonize. The result? A longer, healthier life for your pooch.

  • L-Casei– Every notice your dog straining to go number two? Constipation means that toxins are not being properly eliminated from your dog’s body and can end up leading to more long-term health problems. No worries. This Probiotic Strain has been shown to eliminate constipation and restore healthy, regular elimination.

  • L-Salivarius– Doggy breath keeping you from enjoying those slobbery kisses? Keeping your pet’s mouth clean can seem impossible, especially considering the health and monetary cost of consistently putting your dog under to have their teeth cleaned by a Vet. The solution? This natural probiotic strain lives mostly in your dog’s mouth fighting off bad bacteria and keeping their teeth and gums healthy and clean. That way you can enjoy close up time with your four- legged friend without “smelling like dog” all day afterwards.

  • B-Infantis- Allergies are more than just a pesky annoyance for your pet. Excessive licking and shedding are just surface-level symptoms but allergies can be wreaking havoc on your dog’s immune system, exposing them to far greater risk or infections or more serious illness. The key to clearing up allergies however is hidden in a probiotic strain known as B-Infantis that like it’s name suggests is important to the development of the immune system of newborns. Keeping the levels of this bacteria high will help your dog stay healthy and allergy-free in every stage of life.


  • B-Bifidum- This probiotic strain works well in preventing diarrhea by restoring a balanced state to your dog’s gut. That’s right. B-Bifidum will make sure that your dog properly absorbs nutrients so there is no embarrassing mess for you to clean up when they use the bathroom.


  • L-Paracasei- This strain has been shown to help with chronic fatigue syndrome. By stabilizing these levels, your dog will stay energized and happy.


Now our formula doesn’t end there. We wanted to go above and beyond what any other pet probiotic offered. We meticulously researched how to optimize probiotic activity and added these three crucial ingredients(not found in any other formula). They work synergistically with the probiotics to make sure that your dog gets the best possible results in the quickest time.


L-Glutamine - What good is taking a probiotic supplement for your dog if their stomach lining is weak and deteriorated to the point where these valuable probiotics won’t be properly absorbed? L-Glutamine is the key to prevent that from happening. It is an essential amino that permeates your dog’s stomach lining. If your dog’s stomach is a house, L-Glutamine is the brick that makes up the walls. It keeps more of the bad stuff out and the good stuff in, where it can work its magic.


Inulin Prebiotic- Probiotics have become the movie stars of the health world, receiving a lot of attention for their health improving benefits. Prebiotics are like the writers though, working behind the scenes to make it all possible. They provide fuel for the probiotics, allowing the probiotics to stay healthy and alive for longer. That is why every serving of our Pet Probiotic formula includes 200 mg of the powerful natural prebiotic Inulin. This makes sure that the stars (the 8 strains) are able to do their jobs in the best possible way and keep your dog healthy.


Enzyme Blend- Whether your dog is chewing what they are supposed to or not (like your underwear) their digestive system has a difficult to do. A digestive enzyme blend is essential to help them break down everything they’re intaking into smaller bite size chunks so that their body can absorb that which it needs and expel that which doesn’t belong. Our formula includes six different digestive enzymes to keep your pet’s digestion running like a well oiled machine.


As always, Every Single Bottle Of Infinite Pet Probiotic is:


  • Manufactured under strict GMP guidelines right here in the USA
  • 100 % Free of any allergens, additives, or fillers
  • Formulated backed by clinical research
  • Vet- approved


Finally, a probiotic supplement made for those that wouldn’t give their dog low quality ingredients that they wouldn’t take themselves. This is the only dog probiotic supplement to combine all of these ingredients in one easy-to-serve formula that dogs love.

Trusted Guarantee:
Breathe deep. You don’t have to rush into a decision now. Just try Infinite Pet Probiotic Formula for your dog. Put me to the test. See if you see changes in the way they look and act. Wait till you see their coat get shinier, their breath better, their digestion smoother and more regular. Order today, and you’ve still got four weeks to think about it. Decide when you’re ready. I’ll still give you a full 100% refund of every single penny.

So if you feel like you’re ready, scroll up now. Click “add to cart” and give your dog the health & happiness that they deserve.


  • Greg Hall, Infinite Founder

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Q: How do I store it?

A: We’re happy you are trying the new Probiotic for your dog. It’s best to keep the product in the refrigerator to ensure freshness.

Q: How long does it take to see results?

A: We have seen dogs show improvement within the 1st few weeks, but the probiotic can take 2-3 months to show the best results. It is really dependent on the severity of your dog’s issues. You may not notice any difference right away, but your dog could be feeling it!

Q: How long does a bottle of Probiotic last?

A: There are 60 servings in each bottle and we recommend 1 serving for every 25lbs of your dog's weight. (Example: if your dog weights 75lbs, it would be 3 scoops per day so each bottle would last a dog that size 20 days.)

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